Episode 5: Finding Your Courage and Mastering Visibility with Karen Seltz

Episode 5-Finding Your Courage and Mastering Visibility with Karen Seltz

It was a pleasure to interview Karen Seltz today. Karen is a renowned confidence and visibility coach who has helped countless entrepreneurs overcome their fears and embrace their true selves. With a background in live TV hosting and a deep understanding of spirituality, neuroscience, and meditation, Karen has become an expert in guiding others to connect with their hearts and express themselves authentically. Her weekly live TV show, “Irresistible You: Ignite Your Passion and Purpose,” provides viewers with insights and tools to help them face their fears, embrace their unique gifts, and live their purpose. Karen’s contagious humor and genuine compassion create a safe and enjoyable environment for her clients, making her a sought-after coach in the entrepreneurial world.

Entrepreneurs often face numerous challenges, including overcoming fear and lack of confidence. It is crucial for individuals to question the validity of their fears and move past these obstacles to unlock their true potential. A helpful practice is to quiet the mind, take deep breaths, and seek guidance from a higher power or inner wisdom. By doing so, entrepreneurs can develop the resilience and courage needed to face challenges head-on and grow both personally and professionally. In the conversation, Karen Seltz emphasizes the importance of recognizing and accepting all parts of oneself, including those perceived as unlovable or unacceptable. She also suggests that being open to challenging one’s ego and rationalizations of fear can lead to breakthroughs and personal growth. Karen’s journey as an entrepreneur involved overcoming her own fears and insecurities, eventually helping her build a successful coaching business.

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