Episode 9: Success through Customized Marketing: Creating Authentic, Impactful Marketing with Susan Serena

This Episode is Dedicated to the Loving Memory of Susan Serena


Today I’m talking with someone extremely special to me. Our journey together started with her being a client of mine and our relationship grew to colleagues, friendship and sisters.


When I say the word powerhouse, this woman immediately comes to mind. Susan Serena is a powerhouse in all areas of her life… CEO, wife, mother, sister, daughter. She’s not afraid to shine her light wherever she goes and is a stand for other women shining bright along with her.


Susan is passionate about inspiring and empowering women to live in their purpose and become the best version of themselves.


During our conversation, Susan shares how she began her entrepreneurial journey during the pandemic and within 6 months had built a 6-figure business and was now on a mission to scale it to 7-figures.


Sadly, Susan passed away shortly after this interview. It has only been a few weeks and her passing has left a huge void in so many of us. It was important for me and her family to keep her memory alive and have her voice heard. She touched so many people through her work and passion of empowering and inspiring women to reach for the stars, go after their dreams and not settle for less, and is greatly missed and loved.


It is my honor and privilege to share Susan’s beauty and light with you. Join us now and meet the inspiring and beautiful Susan Serena




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