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From Cold to Closed in 5 Days or Less…

FREE 5-Day Bootcamp
April 5 – April 9, 2021

When you join us in the “From Cold to Closed” 5 day Bootcamp
you’ll get…

✅ 5 days of LIVE TRAININGS starting April 5th with Mindset and Business Strategy Coach Heidi Schalk, and special guests, where you’ll discover how to simply create and launch your irresistible offer to attract your ideal clients… and become the go-to expert others turn to for guidance and support!


✅ Access to our private community where we’ll help get you ready to package, price and position your irresistible offer, how to clearly and confidently deliver your offer to your ideal client and close more clients.
✅ Step by Step PDF Guide to help you with creating your irresistible offer, mindset, messaging, and launch with clarity and confidence


✅ Personal 1:1 Concierge to support you throughout the week and hold you accountable so you succeed in getting everything out of this bootcamp that you came for.


✅ And a whole lot more! 

Register today if you're ready to...

Scale your business in a sustainable and impactful way

✔ Use your soul purpose to serve others.

✔ Create an irresistible offer that has your ideal client pulling out their credit card to work with you.

✔ Build your authority and become the Go-To Expert in your market.

✔ Create a business that works for your life rather thanyour life fitting into your business.

✔ Launch your Irresistible Offer that becomes a recurring profit machine. 

✔ Enjoy more freedom in your life… financial freedom, time freedom and location freedom. 

✔ Follow a proven strategy that is simple to implement and easy to understand.

Following the From Cold to Closed system will help you scale your online business while making an impact! 

During the 5 Day Bootcamp you will learn how to:

✨ Create your Irresistible Offer that establishes you as the go-to expert in your market

✨ Price, Package and Position your offer to attract your ideal client

✨ Pre-sell your offer before clients even get on a consult call

✨ Cultivate a high performer mindset so you can create the life and business of your dreams

✨ Recession proof your offers and business so you never have to worry about marketplace stability

✨ Leverage your time to grow your bottom line so your business fits into your life versus your business running your life

The FREE 5 Day Boot Camp kicks off on April 5th!

When I started my business, I was a newly divorced, single mom trying to juggle two children, pets, a job and the responsibilities of running a home, while also trying to build my side hustle into a successful business.

I felt like there were challenges around every corner.

I  hired coach after coach… I learned strategy after strategy… bought course after course… with little to no results.

I don’t want that for you.

I learned so much during my struggles and I was finally able to develop a strategy that worked for me!  

Now, I am teaching my clients what I’ve learned.

I have created the perfect combination of strategies that will help overwhelmed women build their businesses on a solid foundation so they can hit their financial goals month after month.

There is a BETTER way. There is a SIMPLER way.

Join Me for the Cold to Closed 5-Day Bootcamp and Learn How!

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