About Heidi


As a mom of 2...

I spent 10 years raising kids and loving it. I thought that my dream was to be a stay at home Mom and take care of the kids and home….the child-rearing was my department. The finances were his.

My husband did well…. Very well at times… So, I handed over total control of the checkbook + the income.  I let him handle everything and was happy to ignore our money-situation.

Unfortunately, I found myself strapped and stressed at the divorce table. (Whoops!)

All jokes aside, that situation almost broke me. When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t recognize the woman I had become. Where was the independent and driven woman who had once been…

  • A former figure competitor & two-time bodybuilding champion
  • A successful advertising executive
  • An ambitious entrepreneur selling luxury children’s and women’s products bejeweled with Swarovski crystals

Now, a single mom...

newly divorced, trying to juggle two children, pets, working a job which was far from covering my bills, and the responsibilities of running a home, I knew I had to find another way… so I went back to my roots.

In college, I had always said, to anyone who would listen, “I will own my own business one day. I will be a successful entrepreneur helping others achieve their goals.” I realized that NOW was the time to act on those words. While taking care of two children and 6 pets at the time, I began to build my side hustle. I soon realized it wasn’t as easy as others made it look. There were challenges around every corner. I hired coach after coach… I learned strategy after strategy… bought course after course… with little to no results.  I DON’T WANT THAT FOR YOU!

I learned so much

during my struggles and I was finally able to develop a strategy that worked for me! Now, I am teaching my clients what I’ve learned. I have created the perfect combination of strategies that will help overwhelmed women build their businesses on a solid foundation so they can hit their financial goals month after month. There is a BETTER way. There is a SIMPLER way.

My mission is to empower women with tools and strategies to confidently build successful, online businesses, using their skills and talents, to claim the life of their dreams so they can care for the people and organizations that matter most to them. To create the life they desire, on their terms so they can have the freedom to enjoy life with their family and loved ones.

Life is short, and the time is NOW, to grab the life you have dreamed of living. It begins with taking action on building an online business, sharing your knowledge and gifts with the people who are waiting for you to show up.

“The road to success begins with taking the first step”

~ Heidi Schalk